I explained the genesis of this new blog feature last week. So let’s just jump right in!

  1. Today is an awesome day! I got really good news at my post-op appointment this morning and I just got really, really good news from my manager and director at work this afternoon. For a Friday the 13th, it’s a great day.
  2. The Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast: If you’re not listening, you totally should. It really does make me happy!
  3. Battlestar Galactica Season 3: I was not a fan of the “New Caprica” story line (sorry webisodes). Now that they’ve left that yuck planet behind, and the episodes have been more about human interaction than Cylon-human interaction, I’m really getting back into the show. And Starbuck’s hair is short again. Yay!
  4. Flick Buddies! Kelly and Bekki have put up some great reviews and I know it’s just a matter of time before (slacker) Steve and new member John start doing the same. I’ve got Torn Curtain to watch this weekend, so look for my review on Sunday.
  5. My son loves music! I wanted Album Club to make me love new music. It didn’t exactly work out that way. But my 8-year old son and I share an iTunes account and he has lately taking a real liking to our (faux) April selection Shangri-la by YACHT. I’m excited that he’s listening to real music and not some Kidz Bop crap that I can’t stand. I’m proud that my kid has good taste (even if I can’t really take the credit for it).