I deactivated my Facebook account last night.

I’ve been trying to quit Facebook for years now. It’s not a healthy environment for me. I’m not sure it ever was, but it’s definitely gotten worse during the dark days under President “He Who Must Not Be Named” (if you don’t want your blog comments full of frog-loving trolls). Last night was the worst. There’s no need for me to be sobbing over social media when it’s a pain and torture that I inflict on myself.

And yet, I still couldn’t permanently delete.

It doesn’t help that Facebook has tons of prompts that pop up to try to dissuade you from deleting your account. I decided deactivating and removing the mobile app from my phone was a good first step. I’m going to leave my account deactivated until at least July 1. I feel like that’s a good length of time to decide if I really miss Facebook and if not having it in my life is having any type of effect – positive or negative.

I know there will be people who I lose touch with because of this. I know that this is a reaction almost entirely driven by emotion. But it’s the right thing to do for me, at this moment. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it’s the right thing for me a month from now, too.

Wish me luck! Going cold turkey will be hard! 😉