I’m half-way through my No Spend November Challenge. How’s it going?


I was doing great. Really great. And then a significant number of US voters (but slightly less than the majority) decided that Donald J. Trump would make a good President and I did some stress shopping. And some more stress shopping. And then just a bit more stress shopping.

I realize blaming stress is just an excuse, but hand to God, I did not buy anything outside of my rules until Florida started looking like it was going for Trump. My email confirmation of my first online order is time stamped Nov 8, 2016, 9:13 PM. That’s Eastern Time. Considering what was happening at that moment, I don’t feel as if you can blame me for a moment of weakness.

What have a bought? Stickers from Paper & Glam for my Erin Condren Life Planner. A winter coat for my son (technically not against the rules, but the cardigan I threw in for myself to get over the threshold for free shipping definitely was). The NSFW version and the expansion pack for the Exploding Kittens card game. Some Urban Decay makeup brushes from Sephora (which I bought AFTER the VIB 20% off sale because I am a monster). And some more stickers and a holiday-themed cover for my Erin Condren Life Planner.

Clearly, I have a problem. Clearly, I didn’t really need any of the things I purchased. Clearly, No Spend November has been a bit of a bust.

I am, however, spending less than usual (hard to believe, I know). I’m also going to do my best to get back to the heart of the challenge and restrain myself from making additional frivolous purchases (although I kind of want that cardigan in gray now, too). Hmm…

Send help.