As a mom, I often spend my weekends on the sidelines cheering on my son during one of his (many, many) sporting events. Whether you’re cheering on your offspring like me or just taking in a game played by your favorite pro or college team, being in the stands is a chance to have fun and look great. Dressing as the cheering section doesn’t mean you have to give up your own sense of personal style or sacrifice comfort. Making sure you’re prepared to weather the elements doesn’t mean you have to settle for a bulky parka either. Here are some of my favorite ways to look good while being a good sport, too:

Soccer Mom Sideline Essentials

Sunglasses: A good pair of sunnies is mandatory – not just for your look, but for the comfort of your eyes as well. My favorites are a Coach pair that I’ve had way too long. I think I’ve had them about seven years now. There are so many cute styles. I think it might be time for an upgrade!

Layers: Being outside (sometimes for hours at a time) means layers. I love a colorful scarf to add some extra warmth and a bright pop of color. This black and gray Striped Lace Inset Sweater from Torrid is 100% cotton, making it perfect for Fall days that aren’t too cold. I love the lace detail – it’s a nice elevation of the look while still keeping it casual. My pants are from Torrid’s new Noir Collection and I think I’m in love. My pants are the All-Nighter Fix Slim Boot – they have higher rise and a tummy control panel in super stretch wrinkle-free black ponte fabric. Perfect for the weekend, you might even be able to wear these pants to work depending on your office dress code.

Tote Bags: You need a place to stash extra water bottles, a book to read during the endless warm-ups and your wallet. While not tuck it all into a stylish tote bag? My current fave is the Hailey Tote in the Joy Print from the Rifle Paper Co. for LeSportsac Summer 2015 Collection. The black base color of the tote means it still works into Fall and beyond.

Team Spirit: Wearing your favorite team colors doesn’t mean you have to result to wearing a baggy, over-sized jersey. There are plenty of cute tops out there that show team pride and still show off a curvy figure in a flattering way. My Baltimore Ravens long-sleeve tee and black yoga pants are from Lane Bryant. Unfortunately, my beloved Ravens didn’t make the cut this year, but Lane Bryant has several cute options if you happen to be a Seahawks, Bears or Chiefs fan.

Hydration: Depending on the type of game and the concessions offered, you might need to bring your own drinks along. I love my Urban Decay branded glass bkr water bottle and stainless steel Klean Kanteen. They are both super cute, extremely well-made and make me smile with their purple color and UD styling. Plus, reusable is totally the way to go, both for the environment and your budget.

Comfortable Shoes: I cannot stress this enough! The distance from the parking lot to the field can vary wildly. Sometimes you’re in for quite a trek! You also want something on your feet that allows you to freely get up and jump around and cheer, right? Sneakers are your best option, but if you go for a sleek pair in a dark color you won’t end up looking like a gym teacher from the 70’s. I love my black and pink Asics but there are lots of other great brands and choices, too.

Who’s your favorite team? What do you wear to the big game? Share links or descriptions of your favorite game-time looks in the comments.