Uh-oh, y’all. I’m falling behind in the 31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge. My fourth film was House on Haunted Hill – no, not the remake. I watched the original with a younger, dapper Vincent Price and directed by William Castle.


I liked the movie, but Vincent Price is what sells it. The rest of the cast is not up to his level (although I did enjoy his bitchy wife) and the special effects are pretty hokey, even by 1959 standards. The Shaggy Dog came out the same year and the effects were much better. Sure, I’m mixing my genres, but if Disney can make Fred MacMurray look like he’s transforming into a dog, I can expect a slightly better fake human head, no?

Still the sets and the costumes are fun. With a running time of only 74 minutes, the film is ridiculously short. House on Haunted Hill is over before you can really start picking it to pieces. And even with the crappy effects, it’s still better than the 1999 remake.

Four down, 27 to go!