I’m participating in the 31 Horror Films in 31 Days Challenge. Fun, right? Thanks to Kelly for bringing it to my attention.

I started off with You’re Next, a 2011 film by director Adam Wingard.youre_next_ver8

Is You’re Next the best horror movie ever? No. Is You’re Next going to be a new cult classic? Probably not. But it is sufficiently gruesome and actually kind of scary. The animal masks freaked me out way more than they should.

The whole film seems a bit off and I can’t decide if that’s because the actors are so great that they’re emoting the tension and awkwardness of the situation or if they’re just not very good actors. I suspect it’s the latter. The camera angles seem a little jumpy and not steady. It all comes off kind of low-budget, but that’s okay as it serves to keep you off-kilter, which is what you want when watching a horror flick.

The plot is fairly predictable and the big twist at the end wasn’t much of a surprise – I had figured it out well before the final scenes. Still, some of the deaths are fun and come about in unexpected ways. Plus, there’s plenty of gore if you’re into that type of thing (I am). I particularly liked that the female protagonist was a total badass while most of the men were complete wankers who swooned at the sight of blood.

If you only have time to watch one horror film this Halloween holiday season, I can’t recommend that you make You’re Next your sole scary movie. But if you’re planning to cram in 31 of these slasher flicks like me, you could do worse than including You’re Next in your crop of creepy cinema selections.

One down, only 30 more to go.