Online dating has an unexpected fringe benefit. A benefit that I only discovered after the shit storm of this past weekend.

See lately, I’ve been dating people I met in person. Crazy, right? But I do still meet people in person and I do still go on dates with them. Or if we are painfully honest about it, fool around with them while watching old episodes of Doctor Who in their living room. Not sure that really counts as a date, but you get the idea. Let’s using “dating” as an umbrella term. Moving on…

When you start hooking up within your social circle, rather than plucking someone at random off the internet, you run into issues like the one I had on Sunday. A guy I was casually seeing invited me to a party he was having at his house. Sounds good, right? Another woman he’s casually seeing was also coming to the party. No problem. Then I get a text from another guy I’m casually seeing asking me if I’m going to the party because he’s going to try to make it. Well, damn. Now this is getting tricky isn’t it?

Because of conflicting schedules, all four of us were only at the party for a very, very short time. But it was more than a little awkward – at least for me. I hadn’t had to deal with that type of situation since my college keg party days! And I was a lot more drunk in college so I barely noticed back then. It’s just not something that happens that often as an adult. And it definitely doesn’t happen with online dating because your online date isn’t the friend of a friend who is dating you while also dating another friend of a friend at the same time.