divergent_poster_hqI saw the movie first. Whoops?

Was Divergent the best movie I’ve ever seen? No. Did I love it as much as the Hunger Games? Nope. But it did intrigue me enough to make me want to wade my way through a really long-ass YA trilogy. Which a love of Hunger Games and Harry Potter novels notwithstanding, ain’t really my bag. I don’t delve into the Young Adult section of the library or bookstore that often.

[Sidebar: Unless you count the time the book world lost their collective minds and decided V.C. Andrews should be directly marketed to teens rather than making 7th graders sneak the books out of the adult section of their public library like I did as a precocious tween, because no one is ever too old for the trashy glory that is V.C. Andrews & Co., but you can in fact be too young.] 

So yeah. I liked the movie. “It” girl Shailene Woodley is adorably fierce and Theo James isn’t too young to stir the fire in my old lady loins. Who doesn’t look good sporting all black and a bunch of ink? I like a strong female protagonist and Tris brings that. Plus, her mom is Ashley Judd! Kickass. 

As with most things, the book is better than the movie. But I think they did a reasonably good job of adapting it. The film tones down the violence , no doubt in order to garner the coveted PG-13 rating, and the relationship between Tris and Four is given more time to play out on the page than on the screen.

I suppose there’s nothing really insightful or new I can say about the film or the book that hasn’t already been said a half-dozen times. Lots has already been written about Divergent’s attempted rape scene, which is not in the book. However, the film version of the attack on Tris by her fellow initiates is stripped of the book version’s sexual overtones and groping, so it’s really tit for tat in my mind.

What do you think? Have you seen the movie? Have you read the book? Which do you prefer? I’m tired of writing this review – time to crowd source in the comments!