Edge of Tomorrow wasn’t even on my radar until I heard a good review on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. I had pretty much written off Tom Cruise ever since the unfortunate incident with Oprah’s couch. I don’t think I’ve seen a Tom Cruise movie since Mission Impossible – and I don’t mean the most recent sequel either.

But the gang over at Pop Culture Happy Hour rarely steers me wrong and this time was no exception. Edge of Tomorrow is a great summer blockbuster. It’s got lots of action, pretty cool special effects and some humor. Everything you want in a bit of mindless hot-weather entertainment.


And Tom Cruise is very good in this movie. I might even like him again. Maybe. He handles the action and the comedy equally well. Cruise gives a good performance and I enjoyed the unexpected humor. The editing is done in such a way that you don’t get the fatigue of sitting through the same day over and over and over the way you do with Groundhog’s Day.

[Sidebar: I know people LOVE Groundhog’s Day. I’m just not one of them. That movie drives me nuts.]


I loved Emily Blunt before I saw this movie and I love her even more now. She kicks ass in this film! Really fantastic. I think this might be her first action movie (or at the least – the first I’ve seen her in) and I thought she was great. Totally badass, which is what all female action stars should be. I would love to see her in more films as a tough police detective or an international mercenary. Full metal bitch, indeed.

Will Edge of Tomorrow be remembered after this summer? Probably not. But it’s solid, entertaining fare. And if you catch it at matinée prices like I did, you’ll find it’s money well spent.

[Sidebar: I sprung for 3-D, but it’s really not necessary to enjoy the film. Save yourself a few bucks.]