The Flick Buddies theme for July is Hitchcock. Kelly chose Strangers on a Train.

I liked this movie. A lot. I watched it with my mom and she liked it, too. This is important to note because my mom will often fall asleep before a film finishes, but she stuck with this one to the end.

The story is likely familiar (even if you haven’t seen the film). Two men meet randomly on a train. One suggests they swap murders. The other thinks he must be joking. Only he’s not. Of course.

There were several moments in the film where Alfred Hitchcock‘s direction was readily apparent. I guess I’ve watched enough of his films now to recognize a few of his tricks. The man certainly knew how to work a scene.

The opening, focused on the two mans shoes, is great. All you needed to know about them you could learn from their choice of footwear.

They meet.

The stalking and eventual murder was also great – lots of good build-up and suspense. Catching the reflection of the murder in the victim’s fallen glasses was a nice touch.

And my personal favorite – a sea of heads swinging back and forth to watch a tennis match, all save for one. Menacing!

Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter, Patricia Hitchcock, played the role of Barbara. It’s an odd role played in a strange way. But she brings some comic relief to the film. I particularly enjoyed her “distraction” of the police man towards the end.

I enjoyed this movie and it kept my attention throughout. I think this might be my new favorite of the bunch so far!