This could easily be a post about what’s pissing me off. And making me sad. Really, there is so much.

But the point of this weekly feature is to remind me to celebrate the good, so let’s do that instead.

  1. Pub Trivia! My brother invited me to join his pub trivia team last night. I had a great time and even surprised myself by knowing a couple of the sports-related questions. My brother and I don’t often hang out on our own, without the rest of the family, so it was extra special for me. If playing some pub trivia sounds like your idea of fun, I’m sure there’s a bar in your town where you can play. Use the internet to find it. Google works pretty well, I’m told.
  2. Books! I could complain about how many half-read books I have cluttering up my bedroom, but instead I’ll express joy that I have so many wonderful books at my disposal. Current reads include: War and Peace, Open City, My Sweet Audrina, Ready Player One, A Visit from the Goon Squad, World War Z and the dreaded Fifty Shades of Grey. Damn, that’s a lot of books.
  3. 99% Invisible! I love this podcast. I love this poster. If you have an interest in design, architecture or just taking a different look at the world around you, give 99% Invisible a listen.

It was a struggle, but I came up with three. I guess things aren’t so bad after all.

What’s making you happy this week?