My review of Indestructible Machine by the lovely Lydia Loveless could be just one word: LOVE.

But I’ve yet to be the exemplification of brevity, so I’ll expound on that a bit. This album rocks. I was immediately intrigued by the album cover, because it is badass. And I was not disappointed. From the opening strains of Bad Way to Go (probably my favorite track), Loveless is taking us on a honky-tonk road trip. She’s definitely in the driver’s seat and the listener is just along for the ride. And I’m okay with that. Every track on this album is great. I love her voice, I love the twangy guitar riffs, I love the lyrics.

Seriously: It’s good stuff.

You can check out my overly detailed spreadsheet review, but honestly, I’ll save you some time. I loved all the tracks. I love Lydia Loveless. I could listen to this album on repeat on a cross-country trip to California and back again. This album makes me want to crank up the volume, roll down the windows and sing along at the top of my lungs.

Awesome, awesome album. Awesome.