My Little Black Bag came today!

Little Black Bag delivery!!!

I had never heard of Little Black Bag until Klout offered me a perk. And now it’s one of my favorite sites, so thanks, Klout!

The site is similar to other subscription services such as Birchbox or MyGlam. Every month, you get a box full of goodies. But there’s a twist. You get to pick the first item that goes in your box out of a gallery of choices. Then the site rounds out your “bag” with a few other items based on a personal fashion profile questionnaire.


Here’s the best part: you can trade items with other subscribers! This is unbelievably fun. I was pretty lucky to score two items that I loved right away – not just the one I selected, but one of my mystery items, too. I also got one item that I didn’t want, but was fairly popular. Thanks to the Klout perk, I got four items instead of the usual three and I had fun trading and making offers for the two items I wasn’t thrilled with. I really wanted the Betsey Johnson necklace and was so excited when that particular trade offer came in. There’s a limited trade window before your box ships.


I got a huge number of trade offers and ended up with a “bag” full of great stuff! But you must be quick! Everyone with the same items receives the trade offer, and if you don’t quickly accept, someone else might. I missed out on a couple of items I wanted because I couldn’t make up my mind, but to me that’s all part of the fun. I’m still very pleased with the items I received and think it was a terrific value – especially with the extra item I earned through Klout!


My first Little Black Bag: Clutch from BCBGeneration in Blush, Betsey Johnson rose necklace, ‘Zad octopus earrings and Cargo liquid eyeliner in black! I missed a couple of trades for the eyeliner that I would have accepted, but I’m still happy to have it. I selected the clutch as my first item and despite numerous trade offers held onto it. I traded for the rose necklace and I loved the octopus earrings immediately! ‘Zad is one of my favorite brands for cheap, trendy jewelry. (See: deer necklace.)


I love Little Black Bag! I can’t wait to open my next bag on July 1!