This review is super late, I’m a loser, blah, blah fish cakes. On with the review!

Goyte’s Making Mirrors is an album of highs and lows with me. I will say that when I first listened to the album, I found it pleasant. But it didn’t rock my world or anything. Then, like the mass-media-guzzling slut that I am, Somebody That I Used to Know started getting tremendous radio air play and I started paying attention. Nice, right? If I had written this Album Club review back in February when I should have, I could have pretended I was ahead of the curve with my Goyte love. But that’s not the way it happened. Nope. And I enjoy being painfully honest with you, dear reader. Especially when it’s embarrassing to me. It’s the masochist in me.

Glee even did a slightly creepy, fairly strange cover of Somebody That I Used to Know. A current pop song has pretty much jumped the shark when it lands on Glee, don’t you think? This song is clearly a break-up song. Singing it to your brother is… odd, at best. Reminds me of when Rachel and her bio mom sang everyone’s favorite bisexual anthem together. WTF, Glee?

Okay, back to Goyte. For my track-by-track review, you can check out my awesome spreadsheet. Easy Way Out, Smoke and Mirrors and State of the Art are faves of mine. And of course I love Somebody That I Used to Know because mainstream radio has told me I should. There aren’t really any tracks that I hate, but quite of few of them didn’t really grab me. I do enjoy listening to the album as a whole. All the songs are pleasant background noise for my commute or work or running (who am I kidding – walking).

My only complaint – and I’m not sure it’s really a complaint – is that Goyte doesn’t seem to have a signature sound. Many of these tracks sound like they could be from completely different artists. The album doesn’t have a cohesive feel to me. I’m not sure how to explain it. Timbaland (who I love, do not judge) can put together an album with varying styles and it all still seems to flow. You can tell it’s a Timbaland track whether it’s Miley Cyrus or Missy Elliot or D.O.E. doing the vocals. I like that. Maybe Goyte’s versatility is actually a plus. It’s just something that struck me as I listened to the album – literally three dozen times and counting.