I recently received a perk from Klout to celebrate the US launch of Boticca. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Boticca. I was not familiar with the site until I received the perk. From their website:

Boticca is the online boutique for unique jewelry and fashion accessories by top emerging designers from around the world.

Sounds good right? I used my $25 off gift code to purchase two pairs of earrings from two separate designers. But since I was shopping through Boticca, I was able to pay in just one transaction. My packages arrived separately, each with a handwritten note of thanks from the designer.


There’s no denying my purchases are cute. But what sets a Boticca item apart from a cute snag at Target?

So cute! www.don-manolo.com via Boticca

The site’s tagline says it all:

I’d rather wear a unique story.

Beautiful earrings from YUEN London! http://boticca.com/yuenlondon/

And that brings me to Paul Bloom and his TED talk: The origin of pleasure. NPR’s TED Radio Hour episode Our Buggy Brain featured Bloom’s talk.

 Psychologist Paul Bloom argues that human beings are essentialists — that our beliefs about the history of an object change how we experience it, not simply as an illusion, but as a deep feature of what pleasure (and pain) is.

I had to wait longer to receive my earrings from Boticca. And I paid more for my earrings from Boticca. In fact, blog gal pal Gingersister told me I could have made the pink earrings rather simply. I would argue that Bekki could probably make those earrings. Me? Not so much. That’s not the definition of “crafty” that applies to me. But I love them. Why?

Because buying earrings from Boticca made me feel special. Buying from Etsy has a similar affect. You know the designer. You correspond with them directly. You end up with a piece that is unique, not just for its form, but for its story. When someone asks you where you got your earrings you have something to tell them other than which big box store you shopped at.

It’s not a feature that will appeal to everyone. But it appeals to me.