There comes a time in any relationship where you decide whether you like this person or not. This could happen during your first date or your fifth. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. It depends on you and it depends on the person you’re dating.

If you don’t like him, the path is clear. You stop seeing him.

If you do like him, things are a lot more tricky. You are now in the Danger Zone.

Because you don’t want to scare him off. Or embarrass yourself. Or write a blog post that he will no doubt stumble upon, read and think you are a freak.

[NB: Hi, honey! This is not about you and totally hypothetical.]

You’re dating, but there’s been no real commitment. You’re not the “girlfriend” and you certainly don’t want to make it look like you’re pushing for girlfriend status because it’s a little soon for that. But you’re also not quite sure what to do with that online dating profile that’s still hanging around marked single. You’re not really interested in dating anyone else. But you feel kind of weird changing your status to “seeing someone”. Especially if he’s going to notice and read too much into it. Hmm…

I’m telling you, it’s tricky. It’s not called the Danger Zone for nothing!