Here’s the biggest problem with living with your parents as an adult: It is far too easy to slip back into adolescent behavior patterns.

For years, we have teased my mom and stepfather about my youngest brother being the favorite. We could do so because we were pretty comfortable in the knowledge that they loved us all fairly equally. It was funny, not cruel. And as we’ve grown older, we’ve pretty much given it up.

Only recently I’ve felt a bit misunderstood. A little under-appreciated. Maybe even a little neglected. Sort of like a moody teenager. My head filled with doubts. Maybe he really is the favorite? ‘Cause it’s certainly not me!

But then it suddenly snapped into perfect focus for me. Of course my parents do everything they can to help my younger brother. Wouldn’t I do anything to help my son? And haven’t I been the recipient of their help too many times to count?

It’s okay to have favorites. In my family, my mom makes sure everyone gets their turn to be the favorite. It will be my turn again soon!
Mother's Favorite

Photo from Flickr: The Commons
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