In 2010, I put together a few stats on my dating life.

This year, I didn’t keep track nearly as well. Maybe because it was too depressing? Ha! There’s at least one guy that I can’t place at all. I couldn’t tell you how I met him or what we did on our date. I only know that his name was Bob. If you’re reading this, and you remember me mentioning Bob, by all means, tell me who he is!

My 2011 Dating Stats

Men Dated: 14

Monthly Average: 1.17

I’m off my pace! Last year I dated an average of 1.5 men per month.

Second Dates: 3

Ouf! Dismal compared to last year’s 50% repeat customer rating. I sure did know how to pick ’em this year.

Longest Dating Streak: 8+ (A new post-divorce record!)

Men I Cannot Remember to Save My Life: 1 0

Wait a minute! This was Bob. I’m really glad I figured that out, because I thought I was starting to lose it.

Boyfriends: 0

According to last year’s post (but not my own memory), I had 3 boyfriends in 2010. And speaking of my (evident) short-term memory problem, I can only remember the name of one of my so-called “boyfriends” from 2010. Clearly, our relationships were deep and meaningful. Er… Only not.

Men I Dated “Exclusively” But Didn’t Call My Boyfriend: 1

Vacations Planned Together: 1

Vacations That Actually Occurred: 0

Text-Message Break-ups from Non-Boyfriends That Put a Kibosh on Planned Vacations: 1

Current Boyfriends: 0

Weird Married Men Met in Wal-Mart: 1

Remarried Ex-Husbands: 1

Yep. My ex is getting remarried tomorrow. And I’m pretty okay with it. My son’s new stepmother brings a stability to his relationship with his father that I appreciate.

I’m not jealous, and I certainly don’t want my ex back. I’m much happier without him. But I can’t help but feel that he’s winning. Which means I’m losing, but that can’t be right. Because I’m awesome! Rationally, I do realize that life is not a competition. But while I’ve spent my time post-marriage dating a string of… questionable men (and yes, some perfectly fine men, too), my ex-husband has a new wife and daughter. I’m not sure of the rules or how to keep score in this game of life, but it doesn’t seem like my side is racking up a lot of points as of late.

These stats certainly aren’t getting me into the Hall of Fame!