I wasn’t sure what to expect from Speilberg and Jackson’s collaboration on a film version of Hergé’s Tintin. I know of, but have never read, the original comic-based stories. I remember Tintin from the early-90’s cartoon show, The Adventures of Tintin, that aired on Nickelodeon. And given that I was a teenage girl in the early-90’s, it was quite likely my younger brothers who were actually watching the series and I just caught bits and pieces of it. So going into this film, I knew Tintin had a dog, Snowy, and that he went on adventures. But that was pretty much the sum of my knowledge.

Still, I was pretty excited to go see this film and it really didn’t disappoint. Despite the animated format, the movie was more akin to an Indiana Jones adventure than one of Disney’s moral fables. I thought the animation was great. They finally got animated realism right, in my opinion, as this film had none of the creepiness (for lack of a better word) of The Polar Express.

Bottom line: If you’re tired of Disney princesses, but you’re in the mood for a little animated nostalgia, Tintin is just the ticket!