I want to post more often, but I rarely know what to write about. So I’m going to try a new little feature here at Jenny, Exiled called Movie Monday! I will write about a movie I’ve watched recently and will tie it back to myself in true navel-gazing-blog style. You will either enjoy it or stop subscribing to my blog immediately. The movies will rarely be particularly timely or topical because I have rather eclectic movie-viewing habits (not necessarily by choice).

First up? Bridesmaids!

Everyone else saw this movie when it came out and thought it was hysterical. I really wanted to see it at the time, and even made plans to go see it on a few different occasions, but it just never panned out. I ended up picking it up from redbox and watching it solo on a Sunday night. I’m not really familiar with any of Kristin Wiig’s other work. Unless you count her voice work in animated children’s film such as Despicable Me and How to Train Your Dragon (which I really don’t). I didn’t know what to expect, but I had heard from a wide range of friends, acquaintances and even my brother that the flick was great.

Five minutes into the movie, and I’m texting one of my best gal pals to say that Annie’s relationship with Ted is EXACTLY like my non-relationship with [redacted]! Fifteen minutes into the movie and I’m thinking Annie’s failed bakery is just like my failed bar, only she didn’t have to move in with her parents as a result. Thirty minutes into the movie and the wedding-fueled hilarity starts and I stopped obsessing about how Annie’s train wreck of a life mirrored my own. And I did stop thinking about that. Right up until Annie moved in with her mother.

Oh, God.

Annie’s pity party speech about not having any money or friends or future could have been ripped from my own lips. Yes, dear reader, I am a sad sack at times. Hard to believe, I know. (For my sake, let’s at least pretend it’s hard to believe, okay?) But then it was back to wedding wackiness and Wilson Phillips cameos and all was right with the world. I really enjoyed this film and plan to add it to my permanent library soon.

If you’re not as self-involved as I am, or at least have your life in some semblance of order, you will probably enjoy this film even more than I did. It’s funny and witty and while there’s at least one scene that is reminiscent of a male-cast comedy, it totally nails the dynamics between female friends and frenemies. And Annie’s romantic arc, while completely unbelievable, was also pretty darn cute. I’ll give it a pass.

Favorite moment: Everyone knows about John Hamm’s appearance by now, but I was delighted to catch sight of SNL alum Melanie Hutsell as Annie’s tennis partner and Victorious regular Matt Bennett as Helen’s stepson when Annie and Helen spend some time together without Lillian. 

Bottom line: If you haven’t seen this film, run out and buy it on Blu-ray immediately!