I was an avid watcher of Sex and the City when it originally aired on HBO. The series debuted in the summer of 1998. I had just graduated from college and found the show funny. But I didn’t really relate to it. Sure, I was single. And I was dating. But I was a mere 22-years old. I was married at 25 and a mom at (almost) 28, so while I enjoyed Sex and the City, it didn’t really resonate with me.

Now that I’m dating the second time around, in my mid-thirties… I totally get it.

S1:Ep.04 “Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys

Every so often a (much) younger guy who is just too cute to pass up comes along. The popularization of the term “MILF” will make this easier than you think. And you will kid yourself into thinking you can have a relationship with him. But then you see his apartment and realize he hasn’t got any furniture. And that his educational plans stalled out somewhere around community college. When you find yourself discussing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over beers at a college bar, it’s time to go. Trust me.

S1:Ep.09 “The Turtle and the Hare

Tired of dating younger guys whose idea of a night out is a couple of drinks and back to his place, you will move on to a “Fixer-Upper”. Your not really attracted to him, but he’s got a great job, likes to do the things you do, understands what a 401(k) is, and seems to have real potential. You will try to make this work. It will not work. But oh, you will try. Yes, you will.

S1: Ep.11 “The Drought

I haven’t had a date since July. It’s October. You do the math.

S2:Ep.15 “The Freak Show

You will go on lots of first (and only) dates. There’s a good reason there isn’t a second date. Maybe it’s because he’s a married, poly, dominant, goth-club aficionado that neglected to mention any of that on his profile. Maybe it’s because he said he was 39 and he’s clearly just shy of 60. Maybe it’s because he asked you if you wanted to “eat out” on your next date and he wasn’t talking about a restaurant. It could be anything and everything.

S3:Ep.25 “Hot Child In the City

I have dated men who live with a parent and/or parents. At times, I am the one living with my parents. (Hint: Now would be that time.)

S6:Ep.81 “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

Men have broken up with me via text message, email and just randomly ignoring me without any explanation whatsoever. It will not matter how long you’ve dated or how serious (you thought) things were. This type of thing can happen at any moment. Of course, a post-it is totally worse. But a text message is darn close.