And the award goes to…

The Bad Habit

He’s not good for me. He’s terrible for my self-esteem. He doesn’t want what I want. So I got over him once. And then a second time. And now, after almost four months of complete radio silence, he’s worming his way back into my life a third time. He has no problem dropping me, so I’ve dropped him. Permanently.

The One that Got Away

A delightful text-based flirtation turned into a great – if a bit hurried – first date. I liked him. But despite interest and follow-up immediately after our one (and only) date, it wasn’t long until communications tapered off. And then I got the email. You know the one. “It’s not you, it’s me.” Only, of course it was me. Everyone is busy. But everyone can make time for the right person. I just wasn’t the right person.

The Heart-Breaker

He was the nice guy. He wasn’t supposed to break my heart. And yet, after months of happily dating, and even having plans for our first weekend away together, he abruptly dumped my ass via text message. Maybe it’s more of a case of “bruised ego,” than “broken heart,” but it still sucks!  Not sure what happened there, but based on his behavior, I can only assume I’m better off without him.

The Creeper(s)

Honestly, there really are just too many of this type to narrow it down to just one winner. Consider it a toss-up between the Wal-Mart guy, the troll from the gas station or any number of other men who send slightly scary, mostly offensive messages via social media. Oh, who am I kidding? The Wal-Mart guy definitely wins this one.