Day 01 – A book series you wish had gone on longer OR a book series you wish would just freaking end already (or both!)

It occurs to me that a lot of people are reading books in a series. I, however, am not one of those people.

I enjoyed the Harry Potter series, but that was quite long enough and came to a (in my mind) satisfactory conclusion, so I don’t feel it fits as a series I wish had gone longer or as a series I wish would just end, as it has in fact, already ended. Likewise, I enjoyed the Hunger Games books, but again, a trilogy suited my needs just fine. Same for His Dark Materials. I’m currently 11/13ths through A Series of Unfortunate Events and I’ve enjoyed that, as well.

Most of the other series books I’m familiar with were ones I read as a child: Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Bobbsey Twins.


I think I’m going to have to alter this question a bit for my own purposes. I can’t think of anything that fits. So I’m going to select a series of books that annoys me: The Left Behind Series.

Now I’m sure some people love these books, so it’s not like I’m going to wish them out of existence or anything. But I can honestly say that I have zero interest in ever cracking one open myself, much less reading the dozens of books that make up the series and the various spin-off series. I couldn’t really be bothered to make sense of it all because I just don’t care. I’ve read the actual Book of Revelations and most of the Bible (both Old and New Testament). I see no need to read these books. If I want to get my fill of Antichrist, I’ll watch The Omen.

And I found this slightly horrifying. There’s a series called Left Behind: The Kids. Over 40 books geared towards teenagers. The two main characters of course, fall in love, and marry shortly after the girl’s 19th birthday. Well, that’s just great. Perhaps teen marriage is more acceptable in a post-apocalyptic world? Still, that’s exactly the type of book I would want my son to never, ever read. [NB: Of course I’ll allow him to read the books if he is so inclined. But I can secretly hope that he won’t want to, can’t I?]

So there you go. I’m sure I’ve now offended countless fans of this popular series. As I’ve never read a single book (nor will I ever), I apologize in advance.

My 30 Days of Books is off to a less-than-illustrious start!