I’m on a ridiculous self-help book kick at the moment. Most of the books tend to center on organization, financial stability and relationships. The relationship self-help books are a bit of a joke, but a couple of well-meaning friends recommended them and they were good for a laugh. Not sure I’ll be taking any of their advice to heart though (and by the end of this post, you’ll see why).

I’m reading Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry. She recommends keeping a journal, but since I don’t have a journal, and I do have this sorely neglected blog, I’m going to do my journal exercises here. Berry’s book is organized into 56 weeks, with manageable goals for each a week. I’m a woman who loves a plan (regardless of how well I stick to it), so this is right up my alley.

Week 1’s focus is: Organize Your Mind & Life Vision.

Okay, great. Only… I don’t really have a “life vision”. Not a problem! Berry has an exercise to help.

Write out your vision for your life. Answer these questions to help you find inspiration. If you could do anything…

  • Where would you live? In a small, but nice apartment in a major city.
  • How would you earn an income? I like my job, so something similar to what I do now.
  • What would your days look like? Pretty much the same as they do now, but with more exercise.
  • What would you do for fun? Spend time with family and friends.
  • What would you do more of? Visit more cultural destinations (museums, art galleries) and take more vacations!
  • What would you do less of? Drive. I hate my two hours of daily commute time.

Think about what you want to accomplish within the next fifty-six weeks. When you look back on this time in your life, what will you remember? What will you be proud of? List these goals. Break big goals down into smaller pieces to make them more achievable. 

A little over a year from now, I would like to be a good mom. I would like to be doing well in my job. I would like to have established healthy eating habits and have exercise be a regular part of my life. I would like to have lost some weight. I would like to be driving a new car. I would like to be on time for work, school, appointments, etc. I would like to have an organized, neat home and work environment. I would like to have my financial house in order, making saving a regular habit.

The idea is to figure out what’s important to you and then focus your energy towards those priorities. What didn’t make my list? A relationship. Getting remarried or having a boyfriend just doesn’t crack my top list of life goals at the moment. So why do I waste so much time trying to meet new people and going out on dates with old people? Hmm… Something to think about!