I’m a big fan of the crush.

There are two entries for crush on Merriam-Webster Online – the verb and the noun. We’re talking about the noun.



Definition of CRUSH

1: an act of crushing
2: the quantity of material crushed
3 a: a crowding together (as of people)
    b: crowd, mob; especially: a crowd of people pressing against one another
4: an intense and usually passing infatuation <have a crush on someone>; also: the object of infatuation
I always have at least one active crush and usually it’s much more than just one. I’ll quibble with the dictionary’s fourth definition only slightly. For me, it’s always passing, but it’s usually not very intense. Or very serious. My crushes are simply fun little distractions that help put a smile on my face, especially on the days when life is a series of monumental, painfully overwhelming distractions. I realize that nothing will ever come of it. There’s no “relationship potential” – or in the case of my sole celebrity crush, not even any “meet in real life” potential. Unless I stake out the next FOMC meeting (which I would not do, so no need to put me on any type of watch list, gov’t people).  
Current crushes include:
  • The nice guy at the McDonald’s drive-thru
  • Most Starbucks baristas (both male and female)
  • And Ben Bernanke (my one and only “celebrity” crush)!
I love you, Ben!
Source: BusinessWeek Website