Oh, look! It’s another post about something that happened almost two weeks ago! Cool!

My family went to “Into the Night”, Frederick’s October edition of First Saturday. It had a fun Halloween theme and at the last minute, my parents decided to join my son and I for the fun.

Our first stop was Flights of Fancy, where my son decorated his treat bag for the evening.

2010.10.02 Treat Bag

They had an awesome Dr. Seuss window display.

2010.10.02 Thing 1 & 2

In fact, the display was so awesome that it took me a while to figure out that the characters were made out of pumpkins!

2010.10.02 Grinchy Pumpkin

If you’ve never been to Downtown Frederick and you’re in the Maryland-area, you really should go. It’s full of awesome shops and the First Saturday events are always a fun time. Plus, there are lots of pretty spots like this one, near Carroll Creek.

2010.10.02 Carroll Creek Bridge

For October, the town was celebrating an early Halloween. Merchants were giving out candy for kids to trick-or-treat. There were different “Spooky Stations” throughout the town where kids could reach into a box and try to discover which body part Freddy Frederick had lost along the way.

2010.10.02 What Is It?

Some of them were pretty gross… Perfect for Halloween!

2010.10.02 Yuck!

While my son and I were bopping around trick-or-treating and discovering missing body parts, my parents were hitting the antique stores. Their big find was a plate from 1976 (the year I was born) to add to their collection.

2010.10.02 1976 Plate

At First Saturday, there are always street musicians. No matter what type of music you like, you’ll find something to match your tastes at First Saturday from a capella groups to funk DJs. Here’s a pop cover band in front of Urban Cottage, one of my favorite gift shops.

2010.10.02 Urban Cottage Performers

After much debate – there are just so many good places to eat in Frederick! – we decided to grab a bite at Bushwaller’s Irish Pub.

2010.10.02 Cheesy Grins

We entertained ourselves while waiting for dinner by playing with some of the cool figures we had picked up at Flights of Fancy earlier in the evening.

2010.10.02 Rwar!!!

After dinner, we went on a Ghost Walk. It was long. But also awesome. And our guide was a pretty creepy dude, which is pretty much exactly what you want on a Ghost Walk. My son was reasonably convinced that he was an actual ghost.

2010.10.02 Ghost Walk Guide

There are many spooky spots in Frederick. Even if they don’t photograph well at night with my cell-phone camera! Below is the Barbara Fritchie House where the old lady’s spirit is said to still roam.

2010.10.02 Ghost Walk Stop

One of our favorite stories was the Tyler Spite House, which was built by Dr. John Tyler to stop the city from extending Record St. through his property. Not sure if it’s a ghost, but that top window looks pretty supernatural to me!

2010.10.02 Tyler Spite House

And as always, no post is complete without an unflattering photo of me – enjoy!

2010.10.02 Not My Best