This happened ages ago, but I’m just getting around to posting about it now.

My son and I headed down to Baltimore for an afternoon at The Walters Art Museum. A trip to the Walters is always a good time, but we were particularly excited because of the exhibit: Walter Wick: Games, Gizmos & Toys in the Attic.  I had planned the trip because I knew my son was a fan of Wick’s books (he’s the photographer for the I Spy series), but I ended up having a fantastic time as well.

2010.10.03 Scary Town

The amount of detail that goes into the models he makes prior to photographing is amazing. I never really even stopped to consider the intricacy of what it takes to put together his Can You See What I See? series of books.

2010.10.03 Scary Night Set

Can you see the teeny, tiny box of raisins in the trash?

2010.10.03 Spooky Room

There were other neat, hands-on parts of the exhibit based on the I Spy books and Wick’s work with mirrors.

2010.10.03 Fun with Mirrors

It’s not really a post without a picture of me looking like a dork, is it?

2010.10.03 Me and a Whole Lot of Floor

One of my favorite parts of the exhibit wasn’t even part of the actual exhibit. The Walters had put together a scavenger hunt that took you through the other permanent exhibits throughout the museum. It was written in rhyme, much like the I Spy books, and my son and I both really enjoyed following the clues and making our way through the museum.

2010.10.03 Viper

My son liked this child-sized suit of armor. He was convinced he was too big for it (he might be right).

2010.10.03 Suit of Armor

Some of the Gothic elements at the Walters definitely made us feel like we were in one of Wick’s books, especially the raven in the spiral staircase.

2010.10.03 Raven

My son has inherited my love for hamming it up in front of the camera.

2010.10.03 Hamming it Up

I love the Collector’s Rooms with lots of interesting animals and artifacts from around the world. It makes me feel like I’m visiting some crazy old uncle and his objets d’art he’s gathered from his world travels.

2010.10.03 Crocodile

Everything about the Walters is fun – even the unexpected details like this door handle.

2010.10.03 Door Handle

We had a great time! If you’re in Baltimore, you should definitely go!

2010.10.03 Together at the Walters