What to do with Vox?

I am a serial blogger.

My first blog, “Tales of a Greencard Bride”, was started with TypePad in… 2004? I deleted it in a fit of piqué. I think I saved my blog posts, but I never uploaded them to a new site and as I’ve changed computers a couple of times since then, those posts are now lost forever. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look for them.

My second blog, “Tales of an American Exile”, was also with TypePad. When I felt the urge to delete it, I simply erased all of my posts (saving nothing) and renamed it. My third blog – fittingly called “Chapter Three” – was born.

With the advent of Vox, “Chapter Three” fell to the wayside and I focused most of my blogging energies on my new blog “Two Drink Minimum”. My mom found that blog in 2007. She was a little miffed at some of the things she read. That was the end of that blog.

But I couldn’t give up my compulsion to over share, or the friends I had made through Vox (I’m looking at you Kelly and Peachy) and I started yet another Vox blog, deeply hidden (ha!), that has had several names over the years, most recently “Liquid Lunch”. With Vox’s impending doom, the question of what to do with the hundreds of posts on my two Vox blogs is now in question.

Do I import? From one? From both? Do I merge the two?

I’m really not sure. And I’ve only got a month to decide.